Neighborhood Bonus


The More The Merrier

Share Meticulous Cleaning with your neighborhood

With this referral program - everyone benefits!

The more people that sign up for our recurring cleaning services, the more YOU’LL ALL SAVE.

For every 10 bi-weekly customers from one neighborhood that sign up for regular services - we’ll knock off $20 for everyone.

If it’s 10 monthly cleaning customers within one neighborhood, then they’ll each receive $10 off the service.

The deal applies even if there are only 2 or more in a neighborhood. We have prorated this discount. Meaning, if there are five monthly neighbors signed up, it would be $5 off each individual’s bill. If we get 2 people signed on for monthly recurring cleaning services within your neighborhood, each homeowner receives $2 off each service. Every little bit helps so spread the word today!

For monthly customers, it comes to one dollar off for every customer that signs up.