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Cleaned the way you want, each and every time. Guaranteed.

Speak Your Mind

Building strong relationships with our clients is an ongoing process, from the first meeting to each additional visit. Please feel safe in communicating with us about any issues - that way we can make adjustments. Every individual has a particular way they prefer things to be done. Share with us what your wants and needs are, along with any behaviors or methods you find bothersome. The giving and receiving of constructive criticism plays a big role in great business relationships. In addition, do not hesitate to ask if there is something you would like done that isn’t standard in the cleaning service you have selected. We always strive to accommodate our clients with requests - within reason of course.

Professional Cleaning

Our professional house cleaning services can help out with all sorts of cleaning dilemmas in your residential or commercial space. Customize services depending on what suits both your needs and budget best. Plus, feel safer knowing we use non-toxic products that will bring freshness to your property and keep it hygienic and clean.

Consistency is Key

We promise to be consistent in your cleaning service and we ask that our clients make every effort to be consistent and open with us as well. To retain the best employees, set appointments and schedules should be maintained unless there is an emergency. We maintain the right to apply fees associated with last-minute cancellations, if we notice it has become a repeated affair. We understand there are unexpected events that can get in the way, but if it becomes habitual we will charge cancellation fees. 

During busy holiday seasons, our employees work extended hours in order to accommodate all our clients' needs. Please note that we are closed on all major holidays. Notify us in advance if your scheduled cleaning needs to be moved or skipped, especially during the peak holiday seasons. We prefer to reschedule, rather than have a home miss a maintenance cleaning. Thank you for your understanding.


Our Professional Cleaning Services Include:

Additional services are charged by the hour.

One-time Cleaning/ Deep Cleaning

Recurring Cleaning

Spring/Fall Cleaning & Seasonal Gatherings

Move-in/out Cleaning

Office/Small Business Cleaning

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